The impact of climate change is being felt in many parts of the world. As citizens of earth, we are being compelled to look for new ways to sustain our lives. It is likely that the world will soon be unable to function on its traditional fuel generation methods, given the harmful impacts that these methods – mainly burning fossil fuels – cause to the environment. We know that renewable energy sources are the best solutions in place to handle the burden of generating safe and clean electricity and that is why WindForce is dedicated to doing its best to bring renewable energy solutions to the fore.

Servicing the environment by installing renewable energy power plants is our contribution towards making this world a safer, healthier, more efficient place. Our wind, solar and hydro power plants contribute clean, green energy to national grids of all countries that they are established in.

Our mainstay is Sri Lanka, but we have expanded our reach to other markets; our power plants are situated in Pakistan, Ukraine and Uganda and we hope to expand further into overseas markets using our technical know-how, trained and committed teams of engineers, legal and social professionals, advanced technology and our deep desire to facilitate energy transformation.

Sustainable energy has become the most important factor in determining the life expectancy of this planet as we know it. We recognise that we have a role to play in meeting expectations of consumers, local and international organisations when it comes to generation of renewable energy for significant use. Therefore, our team of professionals take the utmost care in designing, implementing, operating and maintaining our power plants.

Our work in the renewable energy industry is a testament to our humble beginnings and unrelenting dedication. With a strong set of people at the helm, our company is ready to take the sustainable energy industry to the next level.

Ranil Pathirana