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WindForce PLC is a leading renewable energy development company in Sri Lanka and has been a dominant player in Sri Lanka’s wind power industry since its first project in 2010. The Company was established to handle all aspects of renewable energy development and today owns, develops, and operates top-of-the-line power plants that are fully equipped to meet the growing demand for clean, green energy.

WindForce has a team of professionals with years of experience and capability to work with advanced technologies while adapting to a range of diverse geographical conditions. With their wealth of knowledge on feasibility studies, engineering management, procurement, construction and maintenance of power plants, the WindForce team has time and again proven their ability to design, develop and maintain viable, sustainable and eco-friendly power plants on par with international standards.

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Besides being the pioneers of renewable energy in Sri Lanka, WindForce has also expanded beyond its borders, and has contributed to plants in Pakistan, Uganda and Ukraine as well.

In addition to its dominant presence in the local wind power space, WindForce has further diversified into large-scale, ground and rooftop solar power generation systems and mini hydro plants, both locally and overseas. Having expanded its reach to Pakistan, Uganda and Ukraine, the Company continues to explore new opportunities to extend its global footprint.

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Kebitigollewa Solar Power (Private) Limited – 10 MW

Keeping in line with the Company’s strategy to achieve sustainable growth in the Renewable Energy sector, WindForce PLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of a 92% equity stake in Kebitigollewa Solar Power (Private) Limited, which will develop a 10 MW Solar Power plant, in Kebitigollewa, Anuradhapura District. The total investment envisaged by the Company for the acquisition and development of the project is approximately LKR 2.7 billion.

Siyambalanduwa Solar Power Project – 100 MW

WindForce PLC, in collaboration with Lakdhanavi Ltd and The Blue Circle Pte Ltd, is set to undertake Sri Lanka’s largest private-sector renewable energy project. This is a 100MW Solar Power Plant with a Transmission Facility to be set up in Siyambaladuwa, Monaragala District. With a total investment of USD 152 million, this landmark venture represents a significant milestone in the country’s transition towards clean energy. Scheduled for completion before the end of 2025, the project is also Sri Lanka’s first integrated renewable energy project, combining power generation, storage, and Transmission.


Accordingly, solidifying WindForce’s position as a driving force within Sri Lanka’s renewable energy sector, the project will be delivered as an all-inclusive package, encompassing a 100MW Solar Power Plant, a cutting-edge 12MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), a 2×63.5MVA, 132/33kV Grid Substation, and an extensive 27km, 132/33kV Transmission Line.

No Upcoming Hydro Power Projects.