O&M (Operations and Maintenance)

Whether it is handling and overseeing specialized equipment, dismantling expired projects, or overseeing the construction of plants that have been subcontracted to a third party, WindForce’s services extend well beyond the mere construction of plants. Unless agreed otherwise with the supplier, WindForce’s operation and maintenance activities are carried out by a technical team that is over 100 people strong.

O & M activities are designed to support optimal plant performance. We have adopted the globally accepted TPM principles to drive O & M activities at all our plants, where our teams work towards achieving an average 95% plant availability at all times.

Investing in the latest technology provides a significant advantage in improving the efficiency of plant operations. The use of technology also reduces the risk of human error and in turn enhancing the overall sustainability of plant operations. To ensure that our plant infrastructure is on par with the latest global technology, WindForce has, since the inception, procured technology systems from leading global suppliers with a strong track record and long-term service support.

(Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

From conceptualization to implementation, WindForce’s services cover a range of processes to ensure the successful execution of the projects undertaken. Prior to investing, our team of engineers coordinates with finance professionals to determine the specifications of the projects, and then, with the assistance of external architects and structural engineers, proceed with the planning, designing and construction of the plant.

The EPC process is vital in ensuring the quality and long-term sustainability of our infrastructure.

The EPC process for all new projects is managed in-house, where WindForce’s industry leading team of experts handle all aspects of the project from the design, technology planning, risk management to quality and OHS planning, along with budgeting, procurement planning and implementation. Project implementation is handled by our engineers who are assigned as Project Managers based on their field of expertise (Wind, Solar, Hydro). Civil construction work is outsourced to a contractor under the strict supervision of the Project Manager. Project Managers have access to in-house support services such as Finance, Logistics and Design & Engineering.

Strict governance and oversight by the Chief Development Officer (CDO) supports every aspect of the EPC process. All Project Managers report to the CDO throughout the duration of the project.